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  • 永磁变频螺杆式空压机JY20HA
  • 永磁变频螺杆式空压机JY30HA
  • 永磁变频螺杆式空压机JY50HA
  • 绿旋风永磁变频螺杆式空压机JYF10
  • 绿旋风永磁变频螺杆式空压机JYF15
  • 绿旋风永磁变频螺杆式空压机JYF20
  • 绿旋风永磁变频螺杆式空压机JYF30

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    Our Products

    The air exhaust volume is enough and 10% more than the industry benchmark. The structure design is even tighter, which guarantees 100% transmission efficiency. The design of the whole product is exquisite.
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    Technology Advantage

    JUCAI company has a R&D team, whose experience is more than 20 years in air compressor industry. We put the technology innovation in the first place, have more than 50 patents and get many scientific research achievements. 
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    Quality Advantage

    Every process will be controlled strictly even though the quantity of processes is 100. Every machine will be tested strictly before it leaves our factory. We will execute the newest and highest standard to check the performance, repeatedly test the samples and don't let go of any details. 
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    Perfect Service

    With 24 hours after-sales service system for air compressor technology, we will solve it quickly no matter when you get a problem of the product to guarantee your benefit. There are service stores in many areas and every service store has the high quality of spare parts. 

About us

JUCAI industrial (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing of air compressor in China. It mainly produces piston air compressor, screw air compressor, scroll air compressor, air dryer and the relative supporting equipment providing a complete air solution project for consumer......
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Customer testimonials

Guangdong Aike Precise Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd
As the scale of production increased, the new built production line of Guangdong Aike Precise Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. needed to be equipped with new air compressor. Considering the company was our regular customer, JUCAI staff gave the energy-saving solution quickly by fieldwork. With the valuable suggestions of the customer's company, we finally chose permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor JY50HA, whose air exhaust volume was large and running was stable. After 2 days of installation, the air compressor was put into production.
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Guangzhou Baisen Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Baisen Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. previously had 3 sets 22KW air compressors and 1 set 37KW air compressor. As the machine had been used for too long, the noise and the air exhaust volume couldn't be as good as they used to be and the fault rate was many times higher than the previous. The production was usually delayed as a result of fault. And the energy consumption and maintenance fee were rather higher. After recommended by us, 3 sets JUCAI brand permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor JY30HA were chosen. The power of the machine was 22KW, but the air exhaust volume was larger than the total volume of the previous 4 sets. After tested via electricity meter, the machine could save 40% electricity fee per hour for the customer's company. At present, the machine has been used for one year with 0 fault rate excluding the normal maintenance. The company is very satisfied with the effect.
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Dongguan Aote Electronics Co., Ltd
Dongguan Aote Electronics Co., Ltd. previously had 1 set 45KW double screws air compressor and 1 set GANEY 22KW single screw air compressor, whose energy consumption was rather higher. After tested by the factory's electrician via electricity meter, the result was that the electricity consumption of 2 machines was 79 KW·h per hour in total. And then Jucai Industry(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd provided the retrofitting scheme of energy saving that 1 set 2-stage permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor JYS100HA was recommended. After the machine was installed, it's tested in the same way and the finally tested data was 46 KW·h per hour, which was very surprising—that meant the machine could save 33 KW·h per hour for the company. Finally the customer was very satisfied with the effect and considered the further cooperation. At present, JUCAI is making retrofitting schemes of energy saving for the customer's all branch factories.
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Guangdong Kaiyi Printing Technology Corp., Ltd
As the scale of production increased, the company's new built production line needed to be equipped with a air compressor. This company was our company's regular customer. Before the order was placed, JUCAI company staff gave the suitable solution by fieldwork. With the suggestions of the printing company, Both of us chose the permanent magnet variable frequency 2-stage compression air compressor JYS200HA in common, whose air exhaust volume is large and running is stable. After 2 days of installation, the air compressor was put into production.
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